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.COM + 1GB Linux Hosting Rs 1749.00
.COM + 10GB Linux Hosting Rs 1899.00
.COM + Unlimited Linux Hosting Rs 2749.00
.COM + 1GB Windows Hosting Rs 1749.00
.COM + 10GB Windows Hosting Rs 1899.00
.COM + Unlimited Windows Hosting Rs 2749.00
.IN + 10GB Linux Hosting Rs 1299.00
.IN + Unlimited Linux Hosting Rs 2149.00
.IN + 1GB Linux Hosting Rs 1149.00
.IN + 1GB Windows Hosting Rs 1149.00
.IN + 10GB Windows Hosting Rs 1299.00
.IN + Unlimited Windows Hosting Rs 2149.00
.CO.IN + 10GB Linux Hosting Rs 1299.00

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