Domain + Hosting Combo Offer offers domain registration and web hosting as a combo package at cheaper price. You can resell the domain + web hosting package as a combo offer to your customers at your own price. If you opt to disable the combo offer for your customers, you can change the settings in the admin panel. Our minimum pricing of the combo offer starts from 599.00 Rs and provides you with ultimate features.

.COM+1GB Linux Hosting Rs 999.00
.CO.IN+1GB Linux Hosting Rs 849.00
.CO.IN+10GB Linux Hosting Rs 1099.00
.CO.IN+Unlimited Linux Hosting Rs 1299.00
.CO.IN+1GB Windows Hosting Rs 849.00
.CO.IN+10GB Windows Hosting Rs 1099.00
.CO.IN+Unlimited Windows Hosting Rs 1299.00
.IN+1GB Linux Hosting Rs 599.00
.IN+Unlimited Linux Hosting Rs 1149.00
.COM+Unlimited Linux Hosting Rs 1699.00
.IN+1GB Windows Hosting Rs 599.00
.COM+1GB Windows Hosting Rs 999.00
.IN+Unlimited Windows Hosting Rs 1199.00
.COM+Unlimited Windows Hosting Rs 1699.00
.IN+10GB Linux Hosting Rs 799.00
.IN+10GB Windows Hosting Rs 799.00
.COM+10GB Linux Hosting Rs 1299.00
.COM+10GB Windows Hosting Rs 1299.00

This reseller combo offer allows you to save a lot of money since it is the best web hosting + domain package provided at a fair price. Each combo package is provided with its own unique features such as hosting space, Mysql database, control panel etc.,